On January 22, 1947 the original 17 members of the Touchet Gun Club met in the local pool hall. The officers were nominated and voted upon.

Life membership was set at $10 a piece and the gun club got off to a start with $170 in the bank. The first trap machine was purchased for $80. It was decided that they should have at least 1000 shells to get started that was to cost around $35.

They took an inventory of the various shotgun gauges and preparations were made to purchase targets also.

That first evening it was suggested that a clubhouse would be a good idea instead of the pool hall.

By-laws were passed, a fence was placed around the trap house, warning signs were erected, committees were formed and the first prizes to be set were hams, bananas and chickens. It was decided that a 22 rifle range would be too dangerous and that the use of full-autos should be banned. A dance was held at the Grange to help fund the incorporation of the club. A Coca-Cola icebox was exchanged for a new membership.

First 50 year incorporation was on May 5, 1947.

The objects of this corporation are for the social, educational, benevolent, entertainment and recreational benefit of its members; the education of its members in the use of small firearms; the fostering of good fellowship, good sportsmanship, benevolent enterprises and the social welfare of its members; the promoting of all lawful types of competitive events involving skill in the use of small firearms, and in particular trap and skeet shooting; to further the interest of its members in the propagation and protection of fish and game and acquiring and maintaining a library pertaining to guns, wildlife, marksmanship and other matters of interest to its members.

Alvin Adams, President
J.A. Anderson, Vice-President
Will Hickman, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer
Frank Broyles, Field Captain
Everett Brock, Trustee
Oran Gluck, Trustee

Enough money was raised in the first year of shoots to purchase the property. Harlan Seachris sold the properly on 26 May, 1948 to the Touchet Gun Club for $250.

Range 33, township 7, section 22, subdivision on 116th section, block 00, tax lot 08, sub-identification number 00, tax parcel 33-07-22-41-00-08 at 2819 Touchet North Road of 3.5 acres.

The structure was built, painted on the outside, varnished and shellacked on the inside. Another dance was help to help pay off the cost over-run of the construction. The extra 2×4?s were also sold off to raise money for the new digs.

A fifty-cent fine was also levied for anyone caught spitting on the floor.

For some reason the club minutes reflect that dice should be hidden (shoved up someone?s ass) unless they are going to be a prize-no playing craps during the meetings, apparently.

The first shoots organized were Telegraphic Shoots with blue rock targets.

In 1951 there were 65 members and in 1954 there were 67 members.

October 1988 the property was leased to Carolyn Seachris.

In 1993 we had a shoot in March, September and December.

First perpetual incorporation under the State of Washington was on April 28, 1994.

Norman Rogers, President
Lee Ashworth, Secretary

The annual meeting of the club shall be held on the Third Thursday of January each year.

In 1994 there was an Annie Oakley shoot in April, which had a turnout of 50 shooters. Coffee and donuts were served early in preparation for the day?s events. Marve Underwood won a new Ruger 10/22-carbine rifle. Drumhellers sponsored the event and the clam chowder was excellent.

March 17, 1996 was the last Annual Shoot.

September 2001 Wally Fisher, Gordon Wells, James Appling and Gail Martin resigned from the Touchet Gun Club. Terry Schaeffer took over the books and managed the corporation and annual reports until 2006.

June 2005 the gun club had $950 in accounts and was facing a $2200+ roof repair. The membership decided to sell the property.

Property sold in January 2006 to Carolyn Seachris, funds transferred to the Touchet Educational Foundation in February 2006.

Corporation remains solvent with no real estate. Mark Perkins elected new President. Chris Hopkins assumes role of Vice-President and Shelley Perkins becomes Treasurer. Mark also functions as Range Officer although there is no current range.

Touchet Gun Club goes virtual on the World Wide Web.

Mark and Chris waiting for Shelley

Mark, Shelley and Chris