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The Touchet Gun Club is not currently conducting any Three Gun Challenges. We are currently devoting our time and efforts to the Ruffles and Rifles 4-H Club.

2014 Touchet Gun Club – Three Gun Challenge Calendar

February 22 – East End Rod & Gun Club, Milton-Freewater, OR
Flyer for this event
May 24 – Tri-Cities Metallic Silhouette Association, Pasco, WA
July 26 – East End Rod & Gun Club, Milton-Freewater, OR
August 30 – East End Rod & Gun Club, Milton-Freewater, OR
September 27 – East End Rod & Gun Club, Milton-Freewater, OR
October 18- East End Rod & Gun Club, Milton-Freewater, OR
Flyer for all 2014 EERGC Events

Starting back in 2013 we are no longer updating the Photo Galleries on this web site. All future videos are now updated at You Tube.

The Touchet Gun Club has received its funding from the NRA Foundation for the Three Gun Challenge through the Washington State Friends of NRA!  We just wanted to thank everyone for all of their efforts in making this happen!

You have been invited to a Three Gun Challenge. The ammunition, firearms, targets and timers are brought to you by the Touchet Gun Club. This equipment was purchased through a Friends of NRA Grant.

Entrance Fee: $10
Prizes: First Place, Second Place, Third Place.

Sample Course of Fire

Pistol Station-15 yards, 9 eight inch targets, six 6 inch targets
Shotgun Station-18 yards, ten 8 inch targets and three aerial clays
Rifle Station-90 yards, six 10 inch targets, six 5 inch targets.

Single target miss: 10 seconds
Two missed targets: 20 seconds
Three missed targets: 30 seconds
Four missed targets: 40 seconds
Five missed targets: 50 seconds
Six missed targets: 60 seconds

We will be taking pictures and possibly videotaping. Please bring a camera if you want to take your own pictures.

This is a fairly informal event. You do not need any prior experience with competitive matches to have a good time. Safety first, followed by fun. Most of us are still pretty new to this so your suggestions are welcome. We really appreciate your attendance.

In reality it is sometimes more of a social event than it is a competition. Think of it kind of like you invited all of your gun nut friends over for a picnic and everyone forgot to bring food.

This is a run what you brung match. No rimfire, 50 calibers, and no armor piercing rounds (there will be a magnet test, and we will have to disqualify the .22-250 and .204 as they can be known to pierce metal targets at 100 yards.)

Other than that, pretty much any centerfire firearms will work. Open sights, scopes, and electronic are all OK.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Mark Perkins (

Thank you!

Link to Map of TCMSA Kahlotus Range